You Can Get a Refund For The Extended Warranty That You Purchased For Your Car

A few years ago when we were not as wise as we are now about money, we purchased an extended warranty for our car. Boy was that a huge mistake. The reasons for not purchasing the extended warranty belong in another post, so I won’t go into them here.

With the onset of car troubles that we had today, I looked closer into our extended warranty. This was due to the fact that I didn’t understand why the fix wasn’t covered by our extended warranty.

At the very bottom of the fine print, it said that you could cancel the warranty and receive a refund for any unused portion. For our car, we must write a letter that includes a copy of the original agreement and the current odometer reading. We must then mail the letter to the dealership that sold us the warranty.

By my calculations, the refund that we will get for the unused portion of the warranty, will pretty much pay for the repairs. So, don’t be like us. Don’t get that extended warranty. If you did, check and see if you can get a refund.

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