Simple Finances: Put Your Debt Reduction On Auto Pilot

One of the easiest ways to payoff your debt, is to not know that you are doing it. Set everything up to run on auto pilot.

If you are planning to eliminate your debt, you need to make it easy for you to be successful. One way to do this, is to forget about your debt payments. If you don’t see the money, then you are not going to fight yourself when it comes to sending off yoru debt snowball payments.

Setting your debt payments to happen automatically, is as simple as setting up recurring payments in your online banking. You do have online banking, right? Since you are not adding any debt to your cards, you can simply schedule your minimum payments for your cards and then setup your debt snowball payment to go out automatically.

Once you have these setup, don’t look at them. Looking at them will lead you to question whether or not you want to send that extra payment. Human nature will want to keep it, when you should just let it go.

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