Rodeo of Debt Reduction #2

Welcome to the second Rodeo of Debt Reduction here at We’re In Debt. As always, the Rodeo of Debt Reduction is a quick list of posts that caught our eye from the personal finance blogosphere. So, make the jump and get on with the show.

1. The first post that we have to recognize is this awesome Carnival of Personal Finance over at Get Rich Slowly. Being a lover of all things related to comics, this Carnival was the most interesting one that I have seen.

2. Second up was the Carnival of Debt Reduction at Money Matters. It was a basic Carnival, but it was full of gret information. Be sure to check our Evolving Times effort to get you to focus on your debt for 2007.

3. Finally, be sure to read Her’s post about good debt over at Make Love, Not Debt. Remember that while some debt may increase your net worth, the only good type of interest, is interest that someone pays you.

That’s it for this week’s Rodeo. Be sure to come back next week to see which personal finance bloggers have caught our eye this week.

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