Job Change?

Boston Gal takes a look at this CNN article that says that 50% of Americans mull job changes. She wonders if we (not “we” specifically, but a collective we) are in that 50% of Americans who think about changing their jobs.

When you work in technology, like I do, you always listen to recruiters when they call. You may shut them down two sentences into their presentation, but you have to keep an open ear. It also depends on the situation that you are in.

My current employer doesn’t really offer any benefits. We do receive come stock options as compensation, but we would be required to stay with the company for 2 years to fully vest those options. 2 years in technology is a lifetime sometimes. 2 years ago there was no video ipod, very little VOIP service and Comcast didn’t even think about bundles.

So, yes, I am in the 50%. But that doesn’t mean that I seriously consider changing jobs, it just means I do think about it from time to time.

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