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It’s tax time, once again.  April 15th is sneaking up on us, slowly but surely.  But before you e-file your returns this year, it’s worth a visit to the IRS website.  For such a generally disliked institution, the IRS has a very user-friendly site.  Go to to check it out.   They have some great calculators, as well as information on various tax credits.  They even have frequently asked questions, ranging from the basic (“Do I need to file an income tax return this year?”) to the specific (“What changes occurred to the tax code?”). You can also learn about all the different kinds of forms you might need, and whether it’s worth it for you to itemize your deductions.  If you want to know whether you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit, of which BILLIONS of dollars goes unclaimed each year, or if you just want to know when you can expect your refund, can provide the answers.  Taxes are not the place to wing it.  Visit to get it right!

IRS Main Homepage:

IRS Forms and Instructions:

IRS Refund Status Check (Only for 2008):

IRS E-File Links:

Remember the last day to file taxes is April 15, 2009.  For last two years the deadline fell on the weekend therefore deadline was pushed to April 17.


The IRS is also partnering with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to help search for missing children.  For more information, search for NCMEC on the IRS website.

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