Debt Collectors- One Called Me

What a coincidence, since I just wrote about how to handle debt collectors. I picked up a voice mail left on my home phone while I was at work. This is one of the great features of VoIP, the ability to have phone messages recorded and forwarded in a email.

Anyway, the message was hilarious, and a first for me. The person who left the message was looking for someone who does not live at my home and whom I do not know- so it was a wrong number. This collector said, “By listening to the entire message you are confirming that you are X”. I am not so sure that one will hold up legally.

I followed my own advice and looked up the number that was captured on my caller ID on (I love that URL). Thanks to the people who use that site, I now know the name of the collection agency. I then googled the collection agency and now have some useful information about them. For example, I know the location of all their offices, the various phone numbers they use, that they recently purchased an autodialer, and that several consumers are suing them. Enough information to make me think that they may not be one of the nice ones.

I fully expect they will call again and probably will launch a phone-call harassment crusade. Oh, that is the other great thing about VoIP- each time they call, the website for my phone company will log the call, with the number, date and time and keep a recording of any message left. It is a great way to keep a record of harassing phone calls without having to do any work. If they do call again, I will update this blog and give you the play-by-play for how I will handle and get rid of them.


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