Day 66: Reach for the Stars

The time has come for me change jobs. I have officially given my two weeks notice to my old job and will begin contract work in the evenings for the new one.

The contract work will require very long days on my part, but it will be good to throw a little extra cash at our debt. Think of it as overtime without the time and a half.

Finding a job that you truly love is an important step in your life. It is unclear if this new position will live up to the dreams that I have, but it will allow us to move one step closer to our goal of owning our own company. We feel that only through enteprenurial endeavors can you acheive true financial freedom.

After giving my old job two weeks notice, they did offer more money. I do not know if would have been more money than the new job, but money wasn’t the object of my desire to switch positions. Long ago, I realized that I would only be happy in the workforce, if the workforce was my workforce. In other words, I want to be king. One day this dream will be a reality, but for now, the new job is a step forward and definitely not a step backwards.

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