Day 65: Calm Down Slim

The Queen of Debt can really put my mind at ease sometimes. I have a tendency to plan, plan and plan a little more. The Queen of Debt is more of a free wheeler than I. Lately, I have stressed out about our living situation, our debt and our overall plans. I am always scheming, as she would say, for some way out of our little hole.

I am constantly making plans that ultimately we cannot adhere to. It’s not that we are doing bad things with our money, but rather our debt is large and it make no sense to stress out about paying it all off in one year. We often find ourselves paralyzed by the thought of spending $20 dollars. Well, the Queen of Debt reminded me today that it is okay. It’s okay that we are in debt, and it’s okay that we might not get really out of the hole for a couple more years.

All we can do is continue to move forward and not take any steps backwards.

Today we threw $0 at our debt, thanks to the holiday.

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