Day 51: Mass Transit Is No Fun

After a few days of riding the bike to work, I was forced to take mass transit again today. I have to say that it is far worse than I remember from four days ago. The freedom of riding a bike to work is too great when compared to the sardine can of a subway car. In fact, one woman told me today that I was too big and I should not be riding the subway. For the record, the large size that she spoke of, is not girth but rather pure height. It was almost like a sign today, that I should only ride my bike and save the $3.00 a day for our debt.

I picked up another freelance gig today. This will allow us to put a little extra towards our debt once the day that our big goal starts. Unfortunately it means that I will be working a lot in the very near future. Yet another reason why riding my bike to work is one of the best things that I can be doing for myself and our debt.

Today we threw $7.96 at our debt, thanks to ad revenues from this site.

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