Day 51: Almost Time

It is almost time for us to being our 450 day long marathon out of the wilderness of debt. As the start date of july 1, 2006 gets closer day by day we are making the moves to prepare ourselves. We sold some more Red Sox tickets today, though we won’t apply that cash to our debt just yet. We are trying to horde all the money that we can so that come the right time we can break it out over a few days.

So far we have made it a point to verify that all of our credit card balances have been transferred to the lowest rate possible. We have also consolidated our student loans so that we are low fixed interest without any possibilities of increased rates. Following the advice posted over on Make Love, not Debt we are also looking at all the insurance that we currently have to identify any areas other areas that we can save some extra money on.

Today we threw $10.08 at our debt, thanks to ad revenues from this site.

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