Day 267: A Review of Our 2007 Goals #1

In the beginning of 2007 we posted a few of our goals for 2007. Since the first month of the year is out of the way, that means it’s time for us to review where we are in accomplishing our goals for 2007.

Our first goal of 2007 is debt reduction. We are planning on paying off all of our credit card debt in 2007, and we are well on our way. During January we took $2,298.54 off our credit card debt, thanks to our debt snowball, and we are 22% of the way to credit card debt freedom. If we can keep this pace up, we will easily payoff our credit cards this year.

Our second goal of 2007 is to increase our income. During the month of January we increased our passive income 25%. I am also considering a new job that will pay 20% more annualy. All in all, I think that we are on the way to increasing our income. Time will tell though, right?

Our third goal was to increase our savings. During the month of January we increase our savings 0%. This was kind of expected. If I take the new position and/or increase our passive income more, this will all go savings as we are paying enough towards our debt at the moment.

Our fourth goal, is actually my goal. It was to get healthier. My plan is to lose 65 pounds by the end of the summer. September 15th, to be exact. During the month of January, I did not excercise as much as I would like but did lose 3 pounds. I will have to increase the rate of weight loss to meet my goal in time.

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