Day 258: Netflix Saves Us Money

There has been a lot of blog chatter about dumping Netflix.

For us, Netflix is a real money saver. We don’t really go out, and when we do it’s to go walk around the Arnold Arboretum, since that it is free. We also don’t like going to the movies, as they are typically not that great and cost about $30. We have a basic $9.99 plan that allows us to watch an unlimited number of movies.

Over the course of the past month, we have watched 4 and a half seasons of 24. The way that we get the most out of Netflix is by making sure to return all the movies the day after watching. We typically watch about 10 movies a month with Netflix. If we were to rent those from Blockbuster it would cost us about $40. So in essence Netflix is saving us $30 a month.

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