Day 253: 5 Great Personal Finance Blogs

Today was a bill pay day for us, as is every 15th day of the month. Yes, I know it’s the 17th, but we schedule all of our bills on the 15th. They just don’t post until the 17th. But that’s not the point of this post. We’re here today to highlite 5 great personal finance blogs. So make the jump and get to the list.

Every day, I run through a bunch pf personal finance blogs to get caught up and learn a little something. Every day I check the same same 10 blogs. So without further ado, I present the King of Debt’s list of 10 great personal finance blogs.

1. My Money Blog – My Money Blog has given us a lot of great ideas since we started hammering down our debt. My Money Blog covers the full range of personal finance, from investments to how to make money off of credit card offers. My Money blog has definitely helped us make personal finance work for us.

2. Five Cent Nickel – Five Cent Nickel offers up a lot of advice. Thanks to Five Cent Nickel we have learned quite a bit. Since Five Cent Nickel is in a much better place financially, his advice gives us a great roadmap to the future.

3. All Financial Matters – All Financial Matters, written by JLP, is geared more towards the analytical arenas of Personal Finance. He mixes the numbers with a little common sense, and the Queen of Debt and I have learned a lot from JLP.

4. Boston Gal’s Open Wallet – Personal finance advice from a fellow Bostonian. What more could anyone ask? Boston Gal posts a lot inspirational stories, mixed with her own knowledge, that the Queen of Debt and I find very, well, inspiring.

5. Stop Buying Crap – Stop Buying Crap is a great blog, though the regularity of posts has decreased a lot as of late. Thankfully, even all of the old posts still provide a great bit of information.

All five blogs are in my feedreader. Without them we would still probably be making the same mistakes we were making a year ago.

Update: I inadvertantly added Five Cent Nickel twice and left one off. It’s fixed now.

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