Day 252: You Too Can Lose $3253.51 From Sending Invoices Through Email

I’ve been using Blinksale for all of my freelance invoicing needs. Through Blinksale I have been managing all of my freelance invoices and have been sending my invoices through there email system. Unfortunately as of late, I have not been receiving payments in a timely fashion, if at all.

If you are a contract worker or perform any sort of service that requires you to send invoices, I can now tell you that just emailing them to clients may not be the best freelance invoicing method. When you simply email your invoices, the number of excuses for clients not to pay you increases.

Clients can say that they never recieved the invoice or that the message is caught in a spam folder. This has led to us losing out on a lot of cash flow that could easily be applied to our credit card debt.

In an effort to improve cashflow, I am now going to follow these steps to more properly invoice my clients:

  • Sending invoices through email
  • Sending a confirmation via snail mail, to ensure that the invoice was received
  • We’re going to start offering a 5% discount if invoices are paid within 7 days of invoice date

It’s not a major overhaul, but another step. Since I only invoice two days of the month and only have a few clients, it’s not overly time consuming. The discount idea should help a lot. The only problem is going to be in coming up with language that clearly states the requirements for the discou

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