Day 248: Watch Out For Visiting Friends

It’s always great to see old friends when they come to ye ole Boston, but as with any form of entertainment, there is always an expense involved. And this expense is always a budget buster. You won’t have to do anything extravagent, but even a couple day visit can easily turn into $100 or more.

People that come visit us know that we are poor. We tend to be fairly open about our finances, because we want to learn from others, and we want to prevent others from making our mistakes. Because of this, they know that they are going to get an economical vacation with us.

Since we live in Boston, anyone that visits us for the first time, gets the tradtional tour of all the historic sites. We also check ahead to see if anyting cool and free is happening in the town. We’re also fairly knowledgeable of all of the great cheap eateries around, so that dinners tend to not be that expensive. We eat alot of Thai food when people come to town.

Whenever we know that we are going to have company, we save up a little extra for our entertainment budget for the month. This might mean that we eat a little extra spaghetti during the week to cut down our grocery bill, or we might throw a more of my freelance money at that part of the budget.

Planning ahead can allow you to be more relaxed when company comes to town.

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