Day 232: Holy #%&*, That Hurts

There’s a moral behind this post. One that I am quickly learning, and one that is probably going to cost us a little money.

A long time ago, I had some seriously bad experiences with a dentist. They were so bad, I didn’t visit a dentist regularly for 7 or 8 years. I made sure to brush, and used listerine and floss more than once a day.

I hoped and prayed that nothing bad would happen, so that I wouldn’t have to visit the bad man, aka the dentist. Well, I was wrong. I kept putting it off and putting it off, and over the holiday, I broke a tooth and need a dentist.

When you have not been to a dentist in recent times, it is very difficult to find one that will take you on short notice. Luckily, the Queen of Debt was able to track one down in her hometown that will see me tomorrow.

We do have insurance now, but in any case, this little adventure is going to cost us a little. From now on, I will make sure to go to the dentist every six months, like I should.

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