Day 223: When Paying Off Debt, Standing Room Only Is Good Enough For Us

The Queen of Debt and I love baseball. This was true before we moved to Boston, but living in Boston has only fueled our fire for the game. We lucked out when we chose our apartment over the internet from North Carolina, in that we can see Fenway Park from our apartment.

Going to Red Sox games is not cheap. Getting tickets to Red Sox games is tougher than getting someone in Bank of America’s customer service department to pick up the phone.

This time of year is when Red Sox tickets go on sale, and I’ll spend a couple Saturdays online attempting to get tickets.

Ever since we moved to Boston, and have had no money to speak of, we’ve gone for standing room only. It’s provides us with a cheap way to go to a few games. This year we budgeted $120 for tickets. This will get us into 4 games.

We made sure to space out the games as well, so that it’s like going on a date once a month for us during the season. Since we live so close to the old ball park, we don’t have to pay for parking. We also make sure to cook a nice dinner at the house before the game, so that we’ve only had to pay for the tickets.

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