Day 218: Make Sure That Your Budget Includes a Little Extra For Yourself

When you’re married, finances are typically the number one cause of stress. There’s a constant tug of war that occurs between the two of you. One will want pizza one night, while the other attempts to remain strong, and stick to a budget.

This is tough at times, because everyone has bad days every now and then, and when that happens, you want to take shortcuts. You want comfort food. This happens to all of us.

The dilemma occurs when you are in debt. When you are in debt, slipping into comfort food can add up and increase the amount of time and money that it takes to eliminate your debt.

To help get around this inevitable occurrence, make sure that you budget some (but very little) extra money, like an entertainment line item in your budget, so that in the event that one or both of you have bad days, it’s okay get a pizza for dinner.

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