Day 216: Verizon Took Our Money, and Won’t Give It Back

A long, long time ago we had our phone number ported from Verizon to Comcast. This occured long before we switched from Comcast to RCN. Unfortunately, even 8 months after the fact, we are still getting bills from Verizon.

Over the course of these 8 months, I have repeatedly spoken to Verizon customer service agents, and have been told multiple things. Initially, there was a problem with the number port. When you have your number ported from one carrier to another, your service should be cancelled according to the date of the number port.

For some reason, Verizon delayed the disconnect for five months, while continuing to bill us. It was only after we received a collection notice, and a Verizon employee said that we would be credited up cancellation, that we decided to pay the bill. Finally after five months, our service was disconnected. Rather than backdating the disconnect, Verizon dated the disconnect about a month ago.

This has led to yet another bill, but thankfully it was the final bill. After spending five hours on the phone with Verizon today, I found out that they cannot credit the account without the originating disconnect confirmation number that starts with a D5 and ends with 3 digits.

Since, Comcast was in charge of the number port, we wouldn’t have obtained that number in the first place.

I did call Comcast, and they did have records of sending the disconnect to Verizon, but don’t have any record of a confirmation number from Verizon that starts with a D5. They did have a job number, but that wasn’t good enough for Verizon.

So we are out $150 now.

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