Day 211: Filling Out the Old Christmas List

When someone asks us “what do you guys want for Christmas”, we are forced to stop and think. The debt reduction answer says, “money is fine”. The greedy answer lists out a cornucopia of wants and desires that we have been holding off for the past year. The realistic answer bubbles to the top slightly later on.

Realistically, we still want money. Money will only help us eliminate our debt and build wealth in the future. But, we do not ask for money to payoff our debt. We have been asking for money to buy a house, when we are out of debt.

We feel that getting into debt is our fault, and it should be our money that pays it off. Consider it a debt purgatory of sorts, but not that heavy really. We feel good that we can payoff our credit card debt, a car and have a decent down payment on a house within the next year and a half.

The other reason to ask for house money, is that it gives us a light at the end of the tunnel, a destination. We truly believe in the carrot that is at the tips of our noses and we will get there.

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