Day 210: Better Work Life Balance

We love to preach the joys of simple living with a good life work balance. Unfortunately as of late, our life work has been greatly out of wack. As I have been freelancing more and more to increase our income to more quickly eliminate our debt, the amount of fun in our lives has decreased greatly.

While the amount of money that I am making from freelancing has been great and at some point, I imagine that I will be able to expand into a full fledge business, I have been so focused on freelancing to eliminate our debt that I haven’t noticed just how tired I have become. I have even packed on a few pounds since I have been sitting around alot as of late.

Thankfully, with the advent of the Christmas season, my freelancing work has steadily declined. This is typical during the holiday season, as companies tend to wind down and budgets on web development have been spent.

Going into the New Year I will set more definitive rules on my time, so that I will only work 55 hours a week (including my job) instead of the 75 that I sometimes work now. I am going to have a firm no weekends rule, whereby no client work will be done on the weekends, though I may do some work on this site and other personal projects.

For the New Year, I am also thinking about trying to find a job closer to home. I am currently commuting 2 hours a day that I could easily spend relaxing with the Queen of Debt or exercising.

Either which way, it is important to maintain a healthy work life balance, even if you are deeply in debt. I’m just going to have to find ways to work smarter instead of working longer to increase our income.

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