Day 209: The Laptop That Won’t Go Away

Many of you are probably aware of our extraneous laptop issue with Well, we decided to sell the laptop on ebay, and the issues only keep rolling on with this darn MacBook.

Typically, selling on ebay is fairly easy. You post the auction. Someone bids and wins your item. You send them an invoice. You receive payment and then ship the item. Pretty simple, eh?

Well, this laptop, just does not want to leave us. We posted the item for sale on ebay a few days ago. We received a lot of interest in the laptop. We were selling the laptop for a a couple hundred dollars less than retail, and had set a Buy it Now for it at about $100 less than retail. It’s not a great ebay deal, but it is a deal none the less.

No one bid on the laptop for a couple days, but we did get a lot of questions. Most of them wanted us to break the seal on the box and photograph the actual laptop in the box, which we wouldn’t do, as we were selling it as brand new. A picture of the sealed box was part of our listing.

Close to the end of the auction, a user contacted us to see if we would sell them the item outside of the ebay marketplace. Since this is a no no, we declined. After we declined, the same user chose the Buy it Now option. This is where the moral of the story is.

When you sell an item on ebay and choose the Buy it Now option, you can force the buyer to pay for the item immediately, or follow the invoicing procedure that occurs in normal ebay transactions. I chose the invoice route. That would be the last time that I do that.

Of course, the shady user stiffed me. Maybe it was out of spite for not going outside the marketplace, but stiffed me none the less. The best part is that we’ll have paid for listing the item twice to get it sold. The second time around, buyers are forced to pay for the item immediately when using the buy it now option

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