Day 207: Walking & Netflix Keep Us Amused

Our guilty pleasure is Netflix, and we take full advantage of it. We utilize the three at a time plan. We could go for the two at a time, but three is only three bucks more and it keeps at least a movie in the house every day.

We’re not couch potatoes though, though I have packed on a few extra pounds.

Rather go out for a night on the town, spending money we don’t have, the Queen of Debt and I rely on Netflix to fill our evenings with entertainment. Some nights though, we’ll head out for a walk after dinner and on the weekends we head over to the Pond or Arboretum for a lengthy stroll.

These two activities has made it easy for us to forego some of the trappings of the city, so that we don’t spend more than our $100 a month entertainment budget

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