Day 178: Auto Pilot

JLP at All Financial Matters has a great post on setting your finances on auto pilot. We went through a similar phase early on, where we made an effort to simplify our bills. One thing that I have been working on since then, is making an effort to relinquish control over the the finances and allow for some companies to automatically deduct our bills from our accounts.

I am a stickler though, so I really like our system alot. I know basically spend about an hour a month verifying and paying our bills. We set it up so that everything comes into and leaves out of one main account. This allows me to only have to really download one statement to verify everything against. I also set up some automated tasks, using the wonderful OS X tool Automator that retrieves other financial information for me, so that I don’t have to spend anytime downloading all of our credit card, retirement or other financial statements.

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