Day 175: Update

So far, it’s been 42 days since I filed my dispute with our credit card company over the extra Macbook that I received from The charge has been reversed on our unbilled activity, but I haven’t received formal notification from the credit card company as of yet. Until that happens, I am still concerned about the situation. Even if we sold the laptop on ebay, we would owe more than we would be able to sell the thing for.

During this process I have talked to multiple reps at Ecost, all without success. At first they wouldn’t allow me to return the item, because it was an Apple, and then they wouldn’t let me return the item because it was after 14 days. Of course, their return policy requires you to wait 10 business days (14 days) just to get an RMA.

So, I say to you, “Don’t do business with“.

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