Day 132: Battle With

A while back, when I was simplifying the technological aspects of our lives, one of my goals was to sell enough stuff to be able to pay for a laptop for the Queen of Debt. I had recently obtained a new MacBook Pro and she was eyeing a white MacBook. Sure enough, I made enough from selling some older computers that we had to buy her a new Macbook. It sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.

Initially, I placed an order with after doing my due dilligence in researching various prices across the internet. The morning after placing the order (a Friday), I noticed that had lowered their prices, beating eCost by about $100. I immediately went to the eCost site and looked for information on cancelling orders. Since I was running late for work (a meme of my life really), I opted for the email route of cancellation that morning.

I had not heard anything by the following Monday afternoon, so I picked up the phone and called to verify that my order had been cancelled. I jotted down the reps name, and the date and time that I called (I’m anal about that). Shortly thereafter, a quick check of my account showed my order being cancelled. This should be it, right?


Once the order was confirmed to have been cancelled, twice (I have the printed paper confirming cancellation), I went ahead and placed my order with Amazon, who had raised their price slightly, but I was still saving $50. A couple days later, the order from Amazon arrived, and the Queen of Debt was exstatic.

Unfortunately, an order from arrived two days later. It was the same exact order that I had placed, and cancelled, and confirmed cancellation of twice. I even had documented proof that the order was cancelled. The day that the item arrived, I even received an email from eCost, reminding me that I had cancelled my order. I never recieved a notice of shipment though. Hmmmmm…

You might be asking yourself, why didn’t I refuse the shipment? Well, we live in an uber secure building and all packages are signed for by the office. To only complicate matters worse, it had arrived while we were at the cottage for an extended stay.

Immediately upon receiving the extra MacBook, I called eCost to explain that I had cancelled the order and confirmed cancellation twice. I also explained that I had proof and that I wished to send the item back to them. On the basis that this was an Apple product, they said that I was not allowed to return it, and that any issues should be taken up with the manufacturer. I have sent multiple letters and called frequently. Ultimately, they have refused to accept the return, which I have actually sent to them and received back.

My next course of action, was to dispute the charges with our credit card company (no, we didn’t pay for this with added debt, but we did get 5% cash back), which I couldn’t officially dispute until I received the statement last week. You’ll have to stay tuned for the end result though, as I have not heard back from the credit card company.

If for some reason the credit card company doesn’t agree with me, do I have any legal courses of action that I can take?

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